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Objective of the Tender

The tender has the objective to scout, classify, select and promote the best innovative ideas and technologies relative to the themes of EXPO Milan 2015 – developed by start-ups, businesses, and research centers – that could be successfully applied in Developing Countries (DCs).

Specifically, priority will be given to the following themes:

  • Technologies for the improvement of the harvest, processing, conservation and packaging of food products;
  • Technologies and innovative ideas for the valorization of agricultural products of small agricultural communities;
  • Innovative solutions for the logistics management and access to international markets of agricultural products of DCs;
  • Technologies and innovative solutions for the improvement of life conditions of workers in the agricultural and similar sectors in DCs;
  • Technologies and instruments for the development and qualification of a local market for food and agricultural goods and products;
  • Innovative solutions linked to the environmental technologies for the waste treatment and technologies for the production of energy from alternative sources for agricultural use and potable water production for human and zoo technical use, as well as irrigation.

The tender seeks to create a virtuous circle of connections between the private, academic, financial, and institutional world of the countries participating in EXPO Milan 2015. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to the selected applicants to present their own technologies directly to the DCs’ institutions represented at the event, in addition to potentially interested financial entities.

Admissible Candidates

The proposal submitted by participants to the tender must be from applicants belonging to the following categories:

  • Micro, small, medium, and large enterprises;
  • Start-ups operating in sectors linked to the tender;
  • Research centers, incubators, university spin-offs, and academic entities;
  • Public-private partnerships;
  • Associations, business consortia and networks, NGOs, as well as public and private foundations linked to the business world.

The joint participation of candidates belonging to different admissible categories, with the adequate indication of the leading applicants, will represent an added value to the project. Belonging to a team will have to be a well-motivated decision.

Moreover, the participants will be divided into two categories of the contest. The first will involve those applicants who will present already existing technologies that are ready to be implemented. The second, instead, will involve totally innovative technologies and ideas that still have to be developed.

Participation to the initiative is free of charge.

Award Ceremony

UNIDO will offer to the winners a complete project assessment based on the COMFAR (Computer Model for Feasibility Analysis and Reporting) a software application developed by UNIDO for the analysis and appraisal of investment projects in any business sector. The main module of the programme accepts financial and economic data, produces financial and economic statements and graphical displays and calculates measures of performance.

Moreover, UNIDO will undertake the following services:

  • Presentation of the winning proposals to financial entities and venture capital potentially interested;

Promotion of the winning proposals to Developing Countries’ institutions and stakeholders, to ensure the maximum visibility to the projects;

  • Organization of workshops with the representatives of Developing Countries’ governments for the presentation of the selected technologies/ideas;
  • Realization of ad hoc promotion material to share through the UNIDO network.

All the most interesting proposals, upon the applicants’ consensus, will be available online on the website of UNIDO ITPO Italy (www.unido.it) in a specific section devoted to the award.

The organizers have also planned special mentions for the best proposals from the following categories:

  • Young (under 35yr)
  • Women

Winners will be contacted by the organizers and invited to the award ceremony that will take place on August 26, 2015 at Cascina Triulza within EXPO Milan 2015, in the framework of an event under the Patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. In the same occasion, the winners will have the opportunity to present their proposals to a selected audience.

Finally, the winners will also be invited to present their proposal at the “Science Festival” to be held in October 2015 in Italy within the framework of the event “Smart Cup Liguria”.