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Conducting applied researches and technology development in order to solve agricultural problems
Research on improving of agricultural practices, increasing durability and producing healthy food using new technologies and work toward commercialization and technology transfer in agriculture
Increasing national, regional and international cooperation by signing contracts, and memorandum of understandings for joint projects and exchange of technology (including those related to the objectives of the Institute) with local, regional and international institutions
Scientific evaluation of patents in agriculture
Development of reference laboratories in various fields including animal stem cell, animal probiotics, testing of agricultural machinery, medicinal plants and food processing equipments
Trying to increase the number of knowledge-based enterprise by directing of faculties and staffs in agricultural research institute
Cooperation in the training of specialists, post graduate students, sabbatical and postdoctoral fellowship
Conducting workshops in collaboration with international experts
Contribute to development and domestication of technology and effectively transfer and commercialize of technology in agriculture
Trying to play an effective role in interacting with industry sector
Trying to develop technologies for producing healthy and organic products and active participation in mass production of beneficial insects and integrated pest management (IPM)
Applying for new patents and publication of scientific journals