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Selected Journal Papers
1)Rouzbeh Abbaszadeh, Asghar Shariati, Hamidreza Ghomi, Mohammad Zandi. 2017. Destruction of two
pathogenic bacteria that transmitted via food by nonthermal plasma. International Journal of Plasma
Environmental Science & Technology. (Accepted).
2)Negar Ahangarnezhad, Rouzbeh Abbaszadeh, Ahmad Nowruzian. 2017. Design and Construction of
Electro-Culture System and Evaluation of its Effect on Grass Seed (Festuca arandinacea) Performance
Improvement and Germination Rate. Agricultural Engineering (Scientific Journal of Agriculture).
Accepted.(In Persian)
3)Elham Hasanvand, Milad Fathi, Alireza Bassiri, Majid Javanmard, Rouzbeh Abbaszadeh. (2015). Novel
starch based nanocarrier for vitamin D fortification of milk: Production and characterization, Food and
Bioproducts Processing, 96, 264-277.
4)Rouzbeh Abbaszadeh, Ali Rajabipour, Mohammad Mahjoob, Mohaddeseh Mikani, Hojjat Ahmadi,
Mojtaba Delshad. (2015). Nondestructive assessment of watermelon flesh color by laser vibrometry.
Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food. 8, 33-37.
5)Rouzbeh Abbaszadeh; Ashkan Mousavian; Ali Rajabipour; Gholamhassan Najafi. (2015). An Intelligent
procedure for Ripeness Detection Based on Vibration Signals. Journal of Food Science & Technology.
6)Rouzbeh Abbaszadeh; Ali Rajabipour; Hasan Sadrnia; Mohammad Mahjoob; Mojtaba Delshad; Hojjat
Ahmadi. (2014). Application of modal analysis for watermelon by finite element modeling to use in its
ripeness assessment. Journal of Food Engineering. 127, 80-84.
7)Rouzbeh Abbaszadeh, Ali Rajabipour, Yibin Ying, Mojtaba Delshad , Mohammad J.Mahjoob, Hojjat
Ahmadi. (2014). Nondestruc ve determina on of watermelon flesh firmness by frequency response.
LWT - Food Science and Technology. 60, 637-640.
8)Rouzbeh Abbaszadeh, Ali Rajabipour; Hojjat Ahmadi; Mohammad Mahjoob; Mojtaba Delshad. (2013).
Prediction of watermelon quality based on vibration spectrum. Postharvest Biology and Technology.
Volume 86, 291–293.
9)Rouzbeh Abbaszadeh; Ali Rajabipour; Mohammad Mahjoob; Mojtaba Delshad; Hojjat Ahmadi. (2013).
Evaluation of Watermelons Texture Using Their Vibration Responses. Biosystems Engineering. Volume
115, Issue 1, 102–105.
10)Abbaszadeh, R., Rajabipour, A., Ahmadi, H., Delshad, M., & Mahjoob, M. (2011). Assessment of
watermelon quality using vibration spectra .Innovative Computing Technology, Communications in
Computer and Information Science Volume 241, pp 21-29.
11)Abbaszadeh, R., Rajabipour, A., Delshad, M., Mahjub, M., Ahmadi, H., & Laguë, C. (2011). Applica on of
vibration response for the nondestructive ripeness evaluation of watermelons. Australian Journal of Crop
Science, 5(7), 920-925.
12)Keyhani, A., Ghasemi-Varnamkhasti, M., Khanali, M., & Abbaszadeh, R. (2010). An assessment of wind
energy poten al as a power genera on source in the capital of iran, tehran. Energy, 35(1), 188-201.