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Postharvest Lab.Postharvest research on fruits and vegetables is one of the responsibility of the Agricultural Research Institute in the Bio-system Engineering Department and Postharvest Lab. Our research program in this Lab. involves studies of packaging, processing and storage of vegetables and fruits, and the using agricultural waste as a source for extraction, purification and application of natural extract and fractions such as natural antimicrobials and antioxidants in food preservation.            
Master's and Doctoral candidate students under supervision of Dr. Javanmard work on postharvest technologies for improvement of food shelf life.
Mrs. Tafreshi (M.Sc.) is responsible for purchasing materials and equipment for the lab, minor instrument maintenance, and instructing students to use laboratory equipment. This lab. equipped with different air dryers (For fruits), incubators, Spectrophotometers, MAP machine, VSV pilot, Electrolyzed oxidizing water set up and etc.
Projects involve working with dairy, packaging, spice processors and fruit packing companies.