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National and Regional Iranian Halal Research Center

The population of Iran is 77.45 million (2013), which over 95 percent are Muslims. This provides a reasonably large critical mass for halal products. Therefore, Iran is able to provide strong leadership as a halal hub for manufacturers, traders and consumers alike. Efforts in the halal field would lead to the development of innovative halal solutions for a broad range of businesses and it is at the forefront of efforts to produce various products based on Sharia principles for the domestic and international markets as well as providing halal-related services.
The halal trade is not just confined to halal food. There is a broad spectrum of activities based on Sharia principles which creates the halal industry in Iran.
Therefore, Iran found it necessary to establish a scientific research center to issue halal certification. In line with this objective, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) took the initiative to establish such a center for the first time in Iran. The Standing Committee of IROST approved the establishment of Halal National & Regional Research Center of Iran at Agriculture Research Institute of IROST dated 8/2/2014.This center currently works in collaboration with IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer to implement some research projects in the following areas :

  • Validating halal food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc
  • Developing and evaluating new methods to identify halal products 
  • Employing novel methods for standardization in the field of halal industry
  • Developing technology transfer in the related fields
  •  Publishing scientific articles and journals


Activity Products / Services
Food production and manufacturing Fruits, vegetables, herbs, organic products, chocolates, drinks, drink mixes, beverages, palm olein, cooking oil, flour-based products (i.e. cereals, noodles, bakery items, biscuits), packaged foods (i.e. snacks, nuggets, burger patties, fish sticks), spice mixes, spice blends, seasoning, flavoring, ketchup, dough, butter
Feed milling Animal feed
Livestock rearing / dairy production Meat, poultry, eggs, milk, milk powder, yogurt, ice cream
Aquaculture / fish farming Freshwater fish, prawns, …
Pharmaceuticals Medicines, vitamins, supplements
Personal care and cosmetics products Toiletries, toothpastes, mouthwashes, grooming products, lotions, make-up, Perfumes
Accreditation / certification Issuance of halal certification and halal logo by technical and scientific methods
Human resource development Training courses, workshops and audit programs (for beginners and professionals)
Events Exhibitions, conferences, seminars and forums
R&D Development of R&Ds to validate halal products and services.